Sunday, March 11, 2012

Revlon Street Wear - Slip

Allo there!

It's definitely no secret how much I adore Street Wears, and I have about a million reasons why! The colors, the glitters, the unique ideas behind them, and now HOLO GLITTER! I ordered this lovely from a blog sale and couldn't find many swatches online. I had no idea that Slip had holo glitter! It's much more evident in the bottle, but STILL! Slip is one of my favorites in my growing collection. Wanna see why??? :D Sure ya do!

Slip is a sheer champagne colored shimmer polish with holo glitter, and man is it a stunner! I love it so much! I used three coats and although there is visible nail line, I love the sheer look of it. 

Pretty, pretty, pretty!
Enjoy your day! -D


  1. i love this! I just got it in a blog sale recently too, and I was so surprised upon arrival that it had holo glitter!

  2. I loved those kind of surprises!!!!!!:)

  3. That is stunning! Gorgeous colour made even better with the holo glitter!

  4. Very very nice!! Love that subtle holo!