Saturday, March 10, 2012

Old and New - Cover Girl Nail Slicks Chocolate Mint & Spoiled I'm So Jaded

Hi dolls!

Today I'm going to start off today's post with one of my favorite Cover Girl Nail Slicks polishes - Chocolate Mint. This lovely was gifted to me by - yes, you guessed it - Jacqui and I almost died when I saw it! The name describes this polish to a T as well. A milk chocolaty brown base, and loaded with a light iridescent green shimmer. The effect is just stunning in person and I did my best to do this polish justice in pictures. :) I believe that this polish is meant to be worn on the sheer side - this is two coats although next time I might try three for good measure. This polish is SERIOUSLY yummy. 

Next up I have yet another Spoiled polish to share - I'm So Jaded. This green polish lover loves nothing more than a vibrant in-your-face lime green! Add gold yellow shimmer? SOLD! As I said before I couldn't stand their brushes but as I practice more with them I'm starting to like them more and more. If my nails were any smaller though I'd be painting my whole finger. Formula was thick. This is two coats.

Which Spoiled polishes do you like? How do you feel about the brushes?


  1. I just recently bought Spoiled Checkin into Rehab and I love it, and as for the brushes I like them too a lot actually. :) I think I had picked this color up to buy that same day but put it back for some reason, now i wish I woulda gotten it! :)

  2. Wow, Chocolate Mint is STUNNING!

  3. The Nail SLick is amazing, I love duochrome!

  4. WOAH. Chocolate Mint is amazing, and now I need it. O____o

  5. Oh man, AMAZING. I can't remember whether I own this one either - (I think I do).

    Man, I need some sort of spreadsheet!