Thursday, March 15, 2012

Old and New - China Glaze Blue Fox & W7 Envy

Hey polish fiends!

Today I have a vintage China Glaze to start off today's post - Blue Fox. I'm a sucker for a great vintage China Glaze and this dusty greyish/blue shimmer polish was gifted from a ways back from the ever-mentioned Jacqui. I LOVE this shades they used to make back in the day! I love the subtle frostiness as well. The formula was running as these tend to be, but three thin coats and this baby was evened out! (Despite a little visible brush strokes...)

Next up I have another polish from my swap from the ever so amazing Esther. She is one of the sweetest girls I've met through polish to date and  her blog is pure genius. Check her out! In the meantime I have W7's Envy to share! Reminds me of a bit of Zoya's Charla and it's dupe counterparts yet I feel it lends its own twist to the mix. Envy is a great blue jelly with great shimmer swimming within.The shimmer really blows me away with this one. Two coats.

Enjoy your day! -Dana


  1. They're both lovely! Great finds!

  2. Wow, I forgot I even sent that to you, that was forever ago! It's amazing what you find in your stash when you look through it. I always find treasures that I've forgotten about =) They're both fab!