Saturday, March 17, 2012

Layering Fun - China Glaze Agro & Artmatic Mylar


This is my first St. Patty's Day away from my friends and downtown Cleveland this year. :( Kinda sad for me, but it's fun starting new traditions with the fiance. I work during the day then I think we are venturing out for festivities possibly on the ocean! We shall see! Today I have a wonderful green mani I wore recently to share - and it starts with Agro - a fantastic polish from China Glaze's Hunger Games collection. I LOVE this deep metallic olive green polish SO much! I knew when I first started seeing swatches pop up that this was one of the polishes I knew would have to be mine! This is two amazing coats. :)

Of course I couldn't just stop here. As amazing as Agro may be, it needed some sparkle. You guesses it - VINTAGE GLITTER! I have a few Artmatic polishes, and I'm pretty sure they range to 15 years old or more! This one is Mylar and it is certainly up there. I love it's retro teeny-sized rainbow glitter. This glitter was so popular back in the day, I have a Wet N Wild that is identical. Although Mylar doesn't lend as much to the layering as I thought it would, I love the subtle sparkle and can't wait to see Mylar layered over black. :P

Have fun and be safe! -Dana


  1. Oooooh what a cool combo! I love that glitter!

  2. Thanks my love!!!! I'm glad you like it cause I got you a bottle!<3

  3. Looks great! I have Agro sitting around, waiting to be used!

  4. Very subtle and very beautiful. I actually have that Artmatic colour but in an old Wet & Wild bottle. I have quite a collection of those old glitters. I should do a post on them one day.