Thursday, March 22, 2012

Essence Circus Circus collection - My Sparkling Acrobat & Applause, Applause

We meet again! On to day two!

Today I have the remaining two amazing polishes from Essence's Circus Circus collection. I had so much fun swatching these polishes and they were everything I thought and knew they would be! My favorite from the collection is up first - My Sparkling Acrobat. A great black creme polish? CHECK! Square and mirco-fine gold glitter? SOLD! I just love the way they compliment one another. Just LOVE this combo! 

Next up I have Applause, Applause - a great cherry red creme polish with matching square and mirco red glitter. Once again I love how they compliment one another - match made in Heaven! I love a great red polish. Add matching SQUARE glitter? *faints*

I hope you all enjoyed this collection as much as I have!


  1. These are definitely my two favorite from this collection, they look great on you! I need to somehow get a backup of My Sparkling Acrobat, I have used that gold glitter on at least three manicures so far, it seriously looks amazing on everything! Why oh why do these have to be LE and why can't we get them here?! *pouts*

  2. Ugh I knooooow I wish I had a back up too!!! We must make a pact that if we ever come across more we grab them for each other lol!!!! I love Essence LEs... do jealous of Germany. :P but grateful for international friends!