Thursday, March 1, 2012

Old and New - Revlon Levitate & NYX Girls Woman

Hello There!

Today I have a follow-up polish for my previous posting of Revlon's Crystal Ball - Levitate. This vintage Revlon beauty is it's pink counterpart. Levitate is a delicate yet vibrant pink with blue shimmer. As Crystal Ball did, it really glows! I LOVE it so much! Ah, I just love old Revlon's so much. I feel as if I'm always discovering more, which is wonderful for a vintage polish collector as myself. :)

Next up I have one of the new NYX Girls polishes I own - Woman. This was gifted to me for Christmas by the lovely Amanda. Man does she know me all too well indeed! Woman is a rich, luxurious red wine colored jelly polish with glass flecks and shimmer. It just has this feel of sophistication to me. Also a great holiday color! I can see myself wearing this on Christmas Eve or New Years. This is two buttery smooth coats. 

Do you own any NYX Girls polishes? Which are your faves? -Dana


  1. These are both gorgeous!!! Woman is so stunning on you, I love it! And I love the name Levitate. I would buy it just for the name, lol.

  2. they do both look great on you:] and woman is really pretty NYX polish! i think my favorite is dorothy though

  3. I own 2 NYX Girls polishes and Woman is one of them. I love it! I'm going to go crazy when I go to America in a few months and buy a whole bunch!