Sunday, March 4, 2012

BB Couture - Vampy Varnish

Hey girls! 

Who remembers the blogs they read when they very first got into nail and beauty blogs? Those blogs who inspired and encouraged you to make your own little place online? Among those inspirations was Vampy Varnish. I mean, come on, she's a household name! Kelly's blog is amazing and constantly showcases up and coming cosmetic collections. Kinda like a beauty Bible. :D So of course, when I started really getting into polish and found out that she created her OWN LINE with BB Couture I knew I would have to get them all! So far - I only have Kelly's Green and today's NOTD - the collection namesake - Vampy Varnish! The quest shall continue! For the rest of the collection, here are her swatches

Kelly describes her creation as "a black base with olive green and emerald green glitter pieces". The base shifts to me from black to green from the reflection of the amazing glitter! It's truly amazing to stare at! This is three thin(ish) coats. Now I need Nappa Valley Red, Redwood Forest, Union Square, & Mendocino Midnight. :p

Oh yes!
Do you have any from the Vampy Varnish collection? <3Dana


  1. This looks nice, black and glitter always works for me ;) Sadly I don't own a single BBcouture polish yet...

  2. This is gorgeous!! I don't own any BB Couture :(. Hopefully one day ;0).

  3. Soooo amazing!!

  4. I hope all you ladies find BB Coutures soon!!!!!!