Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Catrice - Genius In The Bottle *pic heavy*

Happy Hump Day!

Today I have an AMAZING gem to share with you ladies that I'm sure you've seen swatches of floating around - Catrice's Chanel Peridot near dupe, Genius In The Bottle. My lovely and wonderful blogger bud Sabine hunted down this lemming for me, you should really check out her blog! Her swatches are perfection and her blog will leave you drooling! <3 you, girl! 

Ever since I first saw Chanel's Peridot, I knew I was in love. I was not, however, in love with the price tag. I was still a nail newbie and didn't grasp the concept of Limited Addition yet. Thank goodness for all the dupes floating around out there and thank goodness also for great polish friends. In that I am truly one lucky gal! Let's take a look! :)

So, I don't have Peridot or any other dupes, my comparisons are based on what I see online with swatches. Genius In The Bottle may not be an exact dupe (leans more to the golden yellow side) but man it's close! The color array in the bottle doesn't translate all the way to the nail, but that's fine by me! GITB shifts mostly just from green to gold, the metallic affect is stunning! The formula was surprisingly sheer, but after three coats we reached what I consider perfection.

Let's check out some amazing bottle shots! Enjoy!