Thursday, March 8, 2012

Old and New - Ruby Kisses Forest Green & MUA shade 1

Hey now!

I'm eating almost an entire bag of Sour Patch Jelly Beans as I type my posts for the week. These things are addictive and delicious. If you haven't tried them yet - you MUST! Anyhoo, one of the polish brands I'm crazy into right now is vintage Ruby Kisses polish. I blame Kaz, her bottle shots had me drooling and scouring eBay. (Her whole blog is a giant lemming for me. :P) The first I nabbed was Forest Green, muted olive/army green frosty shimmer polish. It applied rather thin so I applied three coats here. 

Next up I have another MUA polish from my previous swap with Esther. These little bottles really pack a punch and Shade 1 is real proof of that! A deep sapphire blue base with blue and slight silver glitter and shimmer. It's so glowing and lovely! The formula was pretty good, this is two coats. LOVE!

Ooo la la!
Take care, loves!-D


  1. Oh that reminds me! I've been meaning to photograph my Ruby Kisses stash for a new reference guide. I think I have over 20 of them now. I'll get right on it once I finish the OPI X Collection one that I am working on!

    And I seem to be getting lemmings from your blog now too!

    1. O_O I can't wait to see them both!!! I recently got Khaki- damn what a sexy B in person!!! I think over half my wish list is from your blog :P

  2. Love the MUA on you Dana, I love this colour, must dig mine out again!

  3. That MUA is gorgeous!!!! I love it!