Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Layering Fun - China Glaze Luxe and Lush & Maybelline Ultimate Wear Creamy Cocoa

Hey girls!

As I continue on my love for China Glaze's Hunger Games collection, I decided to take the plunge while at Ulta and buy Luxe and Lush. I normally am not a fan of these kind of flakies at all, but the bottle just looked so pretty sitting there on the almost bare display - I couldn't help myself. I must say - as beautiful as it may be, the flakies were a pain in my butt to get to lay flat and situate. Alas, the end result was worth it indeed. Luxe and Lush represents the Capitol in the collection and I think it does a fine job indeed! I layered two coats over Maybelline Ultimate Wear's Cocoa Cream. I wanted to lend an earthy feel to this polish to go along with the rest of the collection. Enjoy!

Underneath the flakies I used Cocoa Cream. I really wanted to use an earthy color underneath and I was glad to finally use it in a mani! (It had been sitting untried for a long time now!) Cocoa Cream's name describes it oh so well! A smooth, chocolaty cream indeed! Great formula - two coats.

Have a fantastic day! -Dana


  1. Another great combo! I am no fan of brown polishes but with this mylar glitter on top it looks good! But as I already have CC Covered in Diamonds I will skip the ChG - they look quite similar to me.

    1. Thanks Sabine! I enjoy brown polish but only if it's the right shade for me. Sometimes ya just gotta try it out anyway LOL! YES, Covered In Diamonds came to mind right away. I think it would look fantastic over a navy polish as well!

  2. I'm not the biggest fan of these flakies but I must say, it looks awesome with the brown underneath! Great combo!

  3. Thanks love! I'll try layering it with other colors too :) Oh how I love me my Hunger Games. :p