Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Old and New - Revlon Street Wear Toad & Bootie Babe's Electric Lemon

Good Morning!

Oh goodness has my Street Wear Collection been growing! It's such an exciting feeling for me! I know there's so many out there yet to get my claws on, and much of them are either VVVHTF or way to pricey on eBay, but I've been  really scoring lately through blog sales and thrift stores. Today I have the lovely, funky, and wonderful Toad. Since you all know my love for green polish, this baby was a no-brainer for my wish list. Loaded with green and gold shimmer, this is one of the funnest greens that I own! This is two smooth, creamy coats. Enjoy Toad and all it's funky glory!

Oh yes.
Next I have a Bootie Babe polish. I was always tickled my the shape of these polishes, I mean come on, it's hilarious! Today I have Electric Lemon for share. Yellow polish is great - one of my favorites - make it a jelly? YES PLEASE! I bought this with the intention of it being a lovely summer pedicure color, but it looks great on my fingernails too! The bottles are really small and the handles are even smaller, so it was a little tricky as far as brush control. The payoff was well worth it though, I love me a good jelly polish. This is three coats.

Have a great day!


  1. Toad is beautiful!! Love the shimmer in it.

  2. hhhhmmm i too have Toad and love it, but mine is so much darker - almost olive, whereas yours looks more apple ? Have you found Tangy btw, a shimmery burnt orange? Hubba bubba! xxx

    1. Yes I have seen the darker version of Toad and it's on my mental wish list as well lol! Tangy. Yep need that too! :P

  3. Toad! Yay! Toad (both versions) are definitely top 10 in my Streetwear collection. And you're right - that Bootie Babe polish is hilarious!!

  4. That green is beautiful! I miss Streetwear!

  5. That green is so pretty! The shimmer makes it. BTW I'm a new reader and can I just say I really, really like your blog!