Monday, March 19, 2012

Old and New - L'oreal Bijou Facets & B. Girlie & L.A. Colors Cactus

Happy Monday, loves!

Today I have another Old and New post to share - this time I'm starting off with one of L'real's Bijou Facets, B. Girlie. I've been slowly trying to collect a good amount of this little bottles, but they're harder to come by for a decent price when not found on blog sales - which is where I got mine! :) B. Girlie is much lighter of a bubblegum pink than I initially thought it would be, but there was also an added twist I didn't expect! - Hair-thin micro glitter! It's hard to see at first glance in the bottle, but it's fascinating to look at! It's not bar-glitter, I can't help but call it hair-glitter. LOL! :D

See what I mean?
Next up I have an L.A. Colors polish to share - Cactus. I recently found a bunch of these polishes at a dollar store back home. I found an entire chrome collection (eeek!) and this awesome green polish! Cactus is a deep olive green polish LOADED with green and gold shimmer. I truly found a gem with this polish! LOVE! I just melt for these kinds of greens! This is three coats and the formula was pleasant to work with. 

Amazing, right?
Have a great Monday!


  1. those "hair glitters" [heehee love that] are so interesting! i don't think i've ever seen them before.
    & i love cactus! gorgeous!!!

  2. I have one of the bijou polishes that has the hair glitter in it too! its a light iridescent green one, I can't remember the name. I remember looking at it and being like "wtf" and wondering if the brush hairs had melted into the polish lol. Anyways, both very pretty colors and I'm going to have to keep my eye out for Cactus as the dollar store! What a cool color =)

  3. Lol I thought hair glitter was a great description!!!! Lol!!!! Jacqui I wann seeeeeeee!!!!!

  4. I love the bijou line and still have the same 7 bottles I bought in 2006 when they were discontinued. I started looking them up today to see if I can buy them online and found your blog because I wanted to see what b girly looked like on nails. Thanks! It's so pretty.