Friday, February 24, 2012

Old and New - Revlon Crystal Ball & Loreal After Hours


Hey girls, hope you all survived the week! I know I barely did. Been workin' my behind off. So glad I have the weekend off with the Jeff to relax, eat breakfast for dinner, read my Supernatural comics, & watch Dragon Ball Z. That's all I want to do. :P 

First off today I have a WONDERFUL Revlon sent to me in a wonderful gift package from Jacqui. Yes, I mention her a lot. She's basically my nail polish BFF. We have the same taste in vintage and HTF polish and have the BEST dusty hunting luck together. *knocks on wood* I am OBSESSED with vintage Revlons. To say they are amazing is a clear understatement. (Case in point - the Color Zing polishes - some of my ultimate lemmings EVER!) Revlons had the most unique colors and depth back in the day. Please being back every single one, Revlon, ok? Crystal Ball is one of the polishes that doesn't just glow it glows. I mean,  just look at it. The neon purple color jam-packed with a purple/blue shimmer is just eye-catching. Definitely one of those polishes that you think is pretty in swatches and ends up breath-taking in person. It's a funky/romantic color to me. Three coats.

Next up I have one of the newer released Loreal polishes. When I first saw the collection I thought "eh". The second time I really took a look and decided there were two I needed. After Hours grabbed my attention for it's layering potential. (I used it with Max Factor Fantasy Fire) After Hours is a darkened navy creme/almost jelly polish. It's amazing and smooth and stains the HECK out of your nails. Beware. Two coats.

Have a great Friday! <3Dana


  1. Man that Revlon is to die for!!!

  2. That Revlon is GORGEOUS!!! Happy Friday hon!

  3. Thanks, ladies! I have another from the same collection to show you this week :))

  4. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing...