Saturday, February 4, 2012

Old and New - Maybelline Matte Grey & Zoya's Irene

Happy Saturday, everyone!

My allergies are out of control today, I hope everyone's feeling a lot better than me! I recently found a blog sale that had a slew of Maybelline's for only a buck a pop, so I naturally grabbed eight! :P I decided to start off with one of the Matte's that I got - Matte Grey. I don't own many matte polishes, and now I just don't remember why.

Matte Grey is awesome! I was surprised by how good the formula was - nice and smooth and dried relatively fast. I love the gunmetal color - it has a real edge to it. I added top coat for the next picture but I think I really like it more as a matte. This is two coats. 

Next up I have the newest member of my Zoya collection, Irene. I won this  on eBay and since I was the only one bidding, I got it for a STEAL! Basically just paid shipping. Irene reminded me of China Glaze's Zombie Zest, that murky color of green. It took three coats to get the opacity were I needed it to be. I really like the green Irene ended up being, a medium shimmery green. I just wasn't crazy about the formula - very running for Zoya.


  1. Love both these colours. I recently bought a new matte topcoat, am keen to try some manis with it after seeing how gorgeous that grey looks!

  2. I like them both! I didn't even know Maybelline made some matte polishes, I've never come across one...