Friday, February 3, 2012

Anna Sui - 420


I love Fridays even more now - my schedule changed at work and I work four ten hour days then have Friday, Saturday, & Sundays off. Love it! I haven't ever had every Friday off. :) Today I have an amazing eBay find and my first Anna Sui polish. From what I could read on the bottle, the only name I know to call this polish is 420, which is fine by me because this polish is so eye-catching it speaks for itself. I'm slowing becoming quite the pink polish lover *gasp* and brights are the ones I'm gravitating towards. Here we go!

420 is just jaw-dropping in appearance and application alike. I wasn't sure what to expect this being my first time trying one of Anna Sui's polishes. Is glided onto the nail so easily I was literally sitting here with my mouth hanging open. I'm talkin' A-England kinda smooth! Almost painted itself. This lovely starts off with a bright, hot pink jelly base and added is pink and silver iridescent glitter. I really love the way hot pink looks with my cool skin-tone, so that's a plus too! I love the bottle as well, the design is great and the top of a cap is a rose shape.This is three amazing coats.

Just stunning!

Isn't the cap adorable?


  1. Love this color on you Dana! I love the Anna Sui bottles, they're so pretty. ^_^

  2. lovely mani I like that colour on you :)

  3. This is gorgeous Dana!! The cap is cute! Embrace the pink hon, embrace it ;0). Enjoy your 3 day weekend!

  4. OMG I love it!! I wish Urban Outfitters still sold Anna Sui cuz I can't find those suckers anywhere.