Monday, February 20, 2012

Old and New - Maybelline Express Finish Blue Craze & Chelsea Time Zone

Hi lacquer lovers!

I really can't believe this weekend is all ready over - went by way too fast. :/ My stash of vintage beauties has been growing at such a rapid pace (exciting, I know!!!!! ) I'm going to need to start showing more then just one per post - I may change Old and New day to just Old day LOL! I'l figure out something. Too many beauties, not enough time! Also why I'm officially on a low-buy.......

I recently got a slew of old Maybelline's from an eBay seller for only two bucks a pop shipping included! Blue Craze exceeded my expectations by far when I realized it was a duochrome! Blue Crazy is a  very sheer (this is three coats - I'll more then likely layer next time) that flashes from a dusty purple to a slight blue with pink(ish) shimmer. This polish so so hard to explain and even harder to capture on pictures since it's constantly leaning more towards one color to the next. I hope my pics do it justice. :P

Next up I have Chelsea's Time Zone. Ever see swatches of a polish, get blown away, order it from Amazon, and realize it's nothing like you thought it would be? I wear it looks better on everyone else I've seen.(example) So either I got a completely bunk bottle (mine doesn't have the slightest hint of duochrome or color shift. At all. Ziltch. Nada.) or something is wrong with the way I swatch. It was much more watery then what I've seen. Hmmmm.... Ah well, the rest of my Chelsea orders were amazing! This is two coats.

<3 Dana

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