Thursday, February 9, 2012

Catrice - Sold Out For Ever

Hey girls! 
It's my day off, so before I swatch and catch up on my Supernatural comics, I though I'd share one of my few Catrice polishes, Sold Out For Ever. I got this beauty in a swap with my gal Sabine. It is said to be a dupe for Chanel's Jade, and I'm a sucker for Chanel dupes! Enjoy!

Sold Out For Ever is an amazing sea-foam green creme polish. It just screams Spring to me! I only own three Catrice polishes, and I love them all. The formula is great and I really enjoy the brush as well. SOFE is such a great color, and added to it (and hard to photograph) is a wonderful green hidden shimmer. A+, Catrice! LOVE! This is two coats.

yummy shimmer!
Have a great Thursday!


  1. I am getting this one in a swap, I'm super excited about it :)

  2. What a pretty shade of green! Love love love!

  3. Now that I've seen this swatch, I think I need to get that color! It looks really nice and I've been looking for a minty green forever... Also, if you're looking for more Chanel dupes, try Catrice "Genius In The Bottle". It's dupe-ish for Peridot.

  4. Oh how I love this color! So pretty!

  5. Wow! I want this! So pretty!