Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vintage Hard Candy - Galaxy


Today I have yet another amazing vintage Hard Candy polish to share - Galaxy. Side note - it was included in a lovely package from the ever so infamous Jacqui. Holy moly was I beyond thrilled when I unwrapped this beauty from it's bubble wrap! What a great Hard Candy glitter - which I wish I owned more of! Grinch is on my wishlist like none other. Let's check out Galaxy!

Galaxy is an eyeful indeed! I LOVE it so much! Since it's in a mini bottle I'm not sure if I'll ever wear it as a full mani. Too scared to use it all up! This stunning lil guy starts off with a sheer black jelly base. (I used two coats over two coats China Glaze Liquid Leather) Thrown into the mix is charcoal grey/leaning to silver fine and hex glitter. The effect suites the name perfectly - it loos like a tiny little galaxy on my nail indeed! This may be my favorite Hard Candy I own. Just awesome. 

Mini galaxy in a bottle!
Sweet, right? :) -D