Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lancome Vernis Absolu in Air


I recently became the proud owner of two great vintage Lancome Vernis Absolu polishes - and for under four bucks with shipping total on eBay. I love it when I'm the only one bidding on gems like these. The second one will have to be a surprise until it's debut. :P Today I have Air for you. Yep, it's awesome. Just you wait.

I wasn't kidding, right? Friggin awesome! I will be researching more of these vintage Lancome Vernis Absolu's for sure! Air is a really whimsical polish - a feel that really draws me in. Air is very sheer, but the iridescence really amps it up and it holds it's own! Iridescent blue with lilac undertones and iridescent blue glitter. LOVE! I will definitely have to swatch it over a great blue. This was four coats, a lot - I know - but totally worth it. 

Whimsical goodness!
Do you own any vintage Lancome's?<3Dana


  1. When I was in high school, when I just really liked polish instead of obsessively hoarded it (lol), I had a Lancome polish called "Snob". It was my absolute favorite and I wore it all the time. This would have probably been in the '99-'00 area. I can't find anything about it anywhere online and I can't find it to buy!! It really bums me out.

    1. That is my all time favorite polish. I'm looking for it too!

  2. This is really pretty!

  3. OMG you are taking me back to my Lancome counter days! That was one of the original Fred Farrugia collections =)1998 or '99. There was also a beautiful pink. I still have the eyeshadow palettes that went with them. ;-)