Friday, February 17, 2012

Random Friday - China Glaze Zombie Zest & Zoya Luna

Happy Friday! 

Today I decided to put together two random sets of swatches I had lyin' around - and thought I'd call it Random Friday! Fitting, right? LOL :D Let's start things off with one of my favorite China Glaze polishes - Zombie Zest. We all know how much I love green polish, and I've been in love with this murky glitter green from the moment I laid my eyes on it! 

AAGGGHHH I love it so much! Zombie Zest is the weirdest green I have in my collection and that's why I love it so much! It's a strange murky green loaded with green glitter. China Glaze nails it every time with their Halloween glitters - It's Alive was a favorite for me as well from this past Halloween's collection. Formula was smooth, this is three coats.

Well done, China Glaze!
Next up we have Zoya's Luna. I have an Issue with buying Zoya polishes for the names. :P Since I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, Luna was an obvious choice - not to mention it's a glitter polish!!! YES!!! Now onto the pictures! Ps - tried something different and swatched with my right hand since I recently broke two nails on my swatching hand. I really like the way they turn our but it just wasn't the same! It was award to photograph. 

Luna is freaking great - sheer silver polish JAM PACKED with silver silver glitter. I went with two coats and loved the way it turned out! Side note - this polish wore like IRON! I wore it for almsot FOUR DAYS and it didn't chip and had minimal tip wear. :)

Lovely, right? :P
Have a wonderful Friday! <3 Dana


  1. I love them both, but specially the Zoya one, gray with silver glitter sounds like a gorgeous combination.

  2. China glaze zombie zest is such a pretty glitter green :)

  3. I honestly need these both, they are both fabulous looking. Added both to my wishlist. I'm loving your blog. I nominated you for a blog award. If your interested I posted it on my blog here:

  4. Thanks ladies! PolishedHoochie - you're the sweetest thanks!<3