Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A-England - Avalon

Hello, dolls!
Today I have one of the few AMAZING A-England I have in my stash from the Mythicals Collection - Avalon. The last time I swatched this bad boy I hated the way I photographed the color and scrapped the pics. Adina is the genius behind A-England's jaw-dropping polishes and she so one of the sweetest gals ever! The Legend Collection is now available as well - HOLO GOODNESS! Good-bye next paycheck! :) Enjoy Avalon!

Avalon is the brightest purple I own. To describe it's glow is almost impossible. Yes - it's THAT amazing. A-England's have HANDS FREAKIN DOWN the best formula of any polish. EVER. Smooth as can be, they almost paint themselves. Adina - it's no surprise your polishes are as loved as they are. Avalon could have easily been a one coater, but I have a one-coat issue and can never stop at one. Did I mention Avalon wore like iron? In love! I can't wait to place my Legend's order! 

*drools uncontrollably* 
Have a wonderful day!


  1. The more swatches I see of the A-England polishes, the more I want them! This purple looks incredibly beautiful!

  2. Beautiful swatches!!! Super gorgeous purple!

  3. oh wow, what a stunning purple.

  4. Insane!! This polish is fab :)

  5. This is so gorgeous!! I just got this one from a friend. So excited!