Sunday, February 26, 2012

Old and New - Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Bold Frost & Rimmel Rags To Riches

Happy Sunday, polish lovers! 

I hope you are all having a fun weekend - I love any weekend that I have time to have a swatch-a-thon! As I'm sure other bloggers feel the same way, I feel as though I buy so much fast than I can even start to swatch everything. I'm always hundreds behind. I think I may have to purge and have a blog sale soon. Maybe. :P We shall see.

My first beauty to show you today is one of my old Sally Hansen Hard As Nails from the 90s. Here is a wonderful reference guide. I love these polishes SO MUCH, not only because of the matching brush handles (which I LOVE! it's the simple things in life that make me smile.) but the fun and funky colors they came up with back in the day. Bold Frost I believe is one of the older Hard As Nails, so that might put it the the mid 90s. I think. Bold Frost is a wonderful frosty (duh.) lighter blue polish with I think to be, the perfect amount of frostiness. The formula was just a little on the runny side, but three coats and we were in business.

Next up I have one of the newest Rimmel polishes. I only own two of the newer Rimmels - I miss and love the older ones. Star Trek will be on my wishlist until it is mine. *insert maniacal laughter here* Rags To Riches is AMAZING though and once I saw swatches start to pop up I knew I needed this dark olive green foil. It's just stunning and right up my alley for green polish! The brush on these polishes are very wide and scoop-like, I love and I hate it. Haven't decided yet. This is two coats.

Have a wonderful day! -D


  1. Both gorgeous polishes!! Rags to Riches is such a gorgeous green!! I love their brushes.