Monday, February 6, 2012

MAC - Coconut Ice

Hello everyone! 

Is it really Monday again? Bleh! I hope everyone had a great Super Bowl Weekend. I went to a co-workers party, it was a nice time considering I don't watch football. :P Today I have for you my first and only MAC nail polish that I have in my stash - Coconut Ice from their Spring 2010 MAC's In Lillyland Collection. I got it in a swap during my very first NB meet-up and has been sitting in my untrieds ever since. Normally I'm not a coral-toned polish girl because of my fair skin-tone, but hey. Why not try it out? Here it is!

As I had said, this is my first MAC polish. That being said, MAC has an array of polishes that I wish I could get my hands on. I mean LOTS! I have read in other blogs that their polishes can be streaky - and that unfortunately proved all too true. It was uneven as well. Perhaps I didn't let it dry well enough between coats. Next time I'll test out that theory. Coconut Ice actually ended up working really well with my skin-tone, I really liked the color on me! This is three coats.

I hope you have a great start to the week!


  1. Well, despite the difficulties of the polish, it looks really great on your nails! Very pretty and flattering.

  2. Dana, I think this colour looks perfect with your slin, not too cool or warm so it would suit most tones I think.

  3. Thanks girls! I'm glad to hear you like it on me - sometimes you can be your own worst critic! :)))

  4. As soon as I saw the pic i HAD to click and check it out, I love these kinds of colours and it looks AMAZING on you! I also have 1 MAC in my collection and am a little disappointed too considering the quality of their cosmetics.

  5. Oh my gosh, this color is awesome!!!