Monday, February 27, 2012

Old and New - Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Surfer Girl Frost & Milani Gleaming Green

Hey there!

I somehow managed to find a thrift store here in Virginia Beach that also somehow manages to stock on a semi-regular basis vintage polish. It's a gift from polish Heaven. I've found Street Wears, black label OPI's, vintage Wet N Wild's, and a slew of vintage Hard As Nails. Last weekend I came across this beauty - Surfer Girl Frost - I love discovering new polishes in my travels that I never knew existed and this is one of them! This lovely gold foil came from 2000's Surfer Chic Collection. I can't find any pictures of the collection in it's entirety, but I did find that article with a little info. I NEED to find the rest! *adds to ever-growing wish list* This is two coats of awesome.

That's right, Sally. Do your thing!

Next up I have a great eBay find that I paid a mere three bucks for, shipping included. I'm a big Milani fan. I love their cosmetics and nail polish alike, their quality and colors leave me always wanting more. I had never seen this color before, I'm guessing it came out before I dove head first into polish. Gleaming Green is an odd green. One part murky green-ish and one part vibrant, neon green. Added to the mix is holo bar glitter and micro-glitter. It looks amazing in the bottle, but doesn't translate all the way to the nail. The green seems to cover up all the holo bar goodness. Ah well, still pretty. Two coats.

Awesome, right?
Happy Monday! 


  1. LOVEEEE Surfer Girl Frost!! Excellent find!!!

    1. I know riiiight ?!?!? Amazing! Just wish the bottle wasn't half full lol

  2. What a score at a thrift store! These are nice polishes; fun!

  3. Ahhh it's every bit as gorgeous as I knew it would be!! <3