Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gosh - Metallic Blue

Hey there!

One of my favorites things about blogging is the girls I've gotten to know and the friendships I've formed. I have seriously met some of the sweetest, most generous girls. Now only if we didn't live so dang far away from each other we'd be set! One of my favorite things are international swaps. You get to get your claws on polishes you normally would never see AND sometimes you get surprises thrown in the mix. Case in point? My swap with Twitter friend and fellow blogger Lindsay. She sent me A LOT of amazing Joe Fresh polishes (Pumpkin was in there! Eek!) she threw in this lovely, Gosh's Metallic Blue. Thanks again, doll! <3

Metallic Blue is one of those stunning yet testy metallic polishes. Such patience is needed (for me at least. I lack in the patience department.) It dries thin and shows every imperfection and brush stroke so slow and steady wins the race! :) I tried. :P The payoff was well worth it too - it's a glowing metallic beauty! Reminds me of one of the Sally Hansen Chromes. This is three coats. LOVE! Now I just need more Gosh polishes...... hehe

Have a great day! <3Dana


  1. Great colour - definitely worth the effort. :)

  2. Thanks, love! :P I think so too!

  3. This is a really pretty blue!! I love all of the people I've met as well. You guys are really awesome!