Saturday, November 5, 2011

OPI Muppets Fresh Frog of Bel Air with Revlon Spice It Up Snow Bunny

It's Saturday!!! I'm really excited because it's my weekend off! :) I haven't been feeling well lately, sore throat and head aches, so my goal to to swatch my little butt off today! So many beauties backed up it's scary to look at! Today I have a polish that I knew I had to have the moment I saw the promo pics - OPI's Muppets Fresh Frog of Bel Air!

Green is my favorite color AND, as we all know, I love glitter, so this polish BEGGED me to buy it! And of course - I caved. Like right away. Never looked back! ;P FFOBA is a clover green glitter with larger silver glitter - great for layering! I don't think I'd ever wear this baby by itself. I was thinking wearing it over red for a Christmas mani.....hmm.....

Now it's time for the pearly lovely underneath it all! It's the second polish I have to share from Revlon's Holiday 2011 Spice It Up collection - Snow Bunny! Lately I don't know what has changed, I have been so drawn to white shimmery polishes! I can't get enough! (Here's lookin at you, Au Champagne!) Snow Bunny took three coats to reach full opacity - and they were well worth it! I'm in love with Snow Bunny!

As always, I used my go-to Essie All in One Base and my new love - Poshe topcoat


  1. Love the green sparkles! Reminds me of st. pattys day! =]

  2. OMG YES! ST. PATTY'S DAY COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Girl, you rock the short nails so great! im so tempted to cut them since i get annoyed with long nails but every time i cut them im unhappy with them :( ughh im so bipolar! . lol

    these polishes look so great on you :)