Saturday, November 19, 2011

Reswatch: Vintage Zoya Matta Harri

Hola Chicas!

Back when I first started my blog, I came across five vintage Zoya polishes and my little heart almost exploded! Only two of them had names, and the wonderful Polish Fairies at Zoya actually helped me find the names of the others - they were a great help! I only showed a few pics of each beauty back then, and I think it's time to reswatch my faves of the bunch! Here is the amazing and wonderful Matta Harri!

That's right - soak it in! I REALLY wish Zoya would re-release this chrome beauty! From what I learned from Zoya this polish is from from 90's and the formula still held up all these years. This was a smooth two coats and it actually dried in decent time, too! So ladies, keep those Zoya polishes around - they have a GREAT shelf life! This gunmetal chrome is very special in my stash. 

Essie All In One Base/ Poshe topcoat


  1. That is a gorgeous shade! Wow and the staying power. Zoya needs to bring this back for sure!

  2. This is really pretty! I like it almost looks green in some lights/angles. Very cool that you found some old Zoyas!

  3. I believe that everyone swatched Zoya
    Looks very pretty