Monday, November 7, 2011

Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup in Tourmaline Chrome


There are so many things that I love about the world of nail blogging, amoung the million I can name, there are the BLOG SALES! I have found so many polishes for such amazing deals from fellow bloggers. I have little self-control whenever I find one! :P Today I have an amazing oldie from a recent order - Sally Hansen's Chrome Nail Makeup in Tourmaline Chrome!

Now am I the only one who owned pretty much all of these awesome chromes years ago and wish I had never let them slip away? :*( I regret getting rid of countless amazing polishes, this one included. Thank goodness for blog sales! I used two coats of the bad boy, and I forgot until now how careful you have to be with brushstrokes with these chromes! This lovely red would look wonderful layered with some glitter as well - China's Glaze's Snow Globe next time perhaps! :)

After this trip down memory lane, I can't wait hunt down the rest of these! Essie all in one base/ Poshe topcoat


  1. I had all these too! Actually still do, they're the one good set of polishes that we kept. We threw all our Sally Hansen Prisms away years ago. STUPID STUPID STUPID!!

    Anyway, looks great. Love the color on you :)

  2. this is amazing! so perfect for christmas!

  3. looks verry pretty, great for the holidays

  4. I love this. I have the light blue one. These also work very well for konading if you're into that.

  5. This really is a fabulous holiday polish!