Thursday, November 10, 2011

Revlon Street Wear - Flashlight

Hey now!

Today I have a polish I was VERY excited to see for a descent price finally on Amazon - a Revlon Street Wear polish!!! I used to have some of these when I was younger, and I kick myself repeatedly for getting rid of them years and years ago. I can't wait to collect as many as I can, they come in such creative colors! Here is Flashlight - 

Flashlight is a silver and light blue nearly duochrome shimmer - GREAT for layering! I paired three coats over two coats of Revlon Top Speed's Royal polish, I thought it turned out great! Gotta love the smell of these older polishes - the smell of before 3-free! :P I cannot WAIT to get my hands on more of these - oh, the memories! Do any of you have any Street Wear polishes? These and vintage Urban Decay and Hard Candy's really take me back!

My always popular duo -Essie All In One Base/ Poshe topcoat


  1. Hey Girl! I was just checking out blogs and I found this one. I can't believe there is a blog ALSO about nail polish with such a similar name as mine! haha. i love your blog! you have great colors (and let me tell you i lovveeeee glitter!) I'll spread the word on your blog if you do the same for me, gotta help out fellow nail bloggers, claws up!

  2. I can't wait to find more!

    LittleMonsterx14 - LOL about our blog names! I'll chec yours out for sure! <3