Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Old and New - Vintage Hard Candy Fuzz and Wet N Wild Ice Baby's Cost Is No Issue

Happy Hump Day!

Today I'm starting something new on my blog - every other day I'm doing an Old and New post. I have so many great vintage polishes along with newer collections, so I'm mixing them up to introduce two lovlies in one post! Doing one polish a post is just dandy for some, but it's taking me forever to get through my ever-growing stash at the rate I'm going! I think it wil be a fun to see a blast from the past and a new beauty. :p Let's jump right in! First we have a vintage Hard Candy, Fuzz!

Oh, Fuzz, we have been through so much together! I bought you from Sephora over ten years ago for a whopping twelve bucks. I've held onto you all these years and I couldn't be happier that we never parted ways! I lost your heart-shaped rubber ring but all is forgiven, right? :P

It's surprizingly hard to describe Fuzz. It's a tarnished "grainy" metallic polish. Weird way to describe it, right? It's really hard to put it into words! The color is hard too, a dusty neautral gold color. I give up. It's just amazing. That's the right way to describe it. Hehe! :D The formula is perfection still over the years, two coats that were smooth as can be!

Next up for the new polish for this post, we have Cost Is No Issue from Wet N Wild's new Ice Baby collection. This is one of the four I settled on from the eight in the collection, and this may be my favorite!

Cost Is No Issue is a stunning turquoise glitter swimming with blue glitter speckled throughout. Coverage with these Ice Baby glitters have been great so far - two coats over Wet N Wild Nail Zone Hot Springs reached opacity perfection! I had to take my swatches out in the sun, and MAN does this polish really shine!

Seche Clear basecoat/ Seche Vite top coat


  1. Awesome idea!
    I could kick myself...I had several HC polishes from their old line and I threw them out :( So dumb!!!

  2. Love them both! That is so amazing that you still have your old Hard Candy's, unfortunately mine are long gone. The gold color is amazing, not too cool and not too warm, a perfect neutral metallic! Delicious =)

  3. I love those polishes. I have that WNW one, but I haven't tried it out yet. I love it.

  4. Thanks dolls! I need more vintage Hard Candy polishes!