Saturday, December 1, 2012

Revlon Top Speed - Shazam

Happy Saturday!

I hope you all have some fun stuff planned for today! I'm working for only three hours, then it's PARTY TIME!!! :D Can't wait! I love my friends here so much - never a dull moment! 

Today I have a long time lemming I got to cross of my wish list thanks to a LOVELY reader, Jessie! THANKS AGAIN, GIRL! Shazam is one of these vintage Revlon Top Speed glitter polishes that had been ITCHING the back of my polish lemming mind since I got into polish. I've never came across it in a blog sale or eBay so when Jessie emailed me that she wanted to gift it to me I did this crazy happy dance! Shazam is a clear-based polish with pink, rose gold, and purple glitter. The pay-off is a feminine yet fun pink glitter! Perfect party polish! :) This is three coats.



  1. So glad you like it...looks really pretty on you!xo

  2. What a pretty polish! Thanks for sharing!

    This might have been asked before, but what is the best polish remover for glittery polishes? Something that won't wreck my nails but gets the glitter off quickly? I've already tried Zoya Remove + and that doesn't work for me :( Thanks!

    1. I honestly use whichever remover, but I ALWAYS use the foil method!

  3. I've got this in my stash, but I've never worn it, your lovely photos might well be the motivation I need to get it out and onto my nails, although I wish my nails were as nice as yours. :-)

  4. I LOVE Shazam!! I have Comet, Firecracker and Go-Go as well. I'm pretty sure they're from the same collection!