Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ulta3 - Burnt Orange - AKA My new Favorite Fall orange

Hi there!

As much I as loved doing Halloween polishes all October, it's nice to get back to my regularly scheduled swatching since I have SO MANY amazing beauties share to share with you all! Oh, the vintage goodness. You just wait. ;P

Today I have a seriously awesome Fall orange to share, Ulta3's Burnt Orange. The lovely Lauren sent this beauty to me a while back in one of our epic swaps. It is seriously amazing for Fall. PERFECTION. The burnt pumpkin orange is only made better by it's amazing shimmer. I'm a big Ulta3 fan, and their formula is always great. This is two coats.

What are your favorite oranges?


  1. Very Autumnal!!! Looks great on you! I'd never touch it though! haha xo