Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Artmatic - Renegade

Hey there!

Today I have an awesome Artmatic polish to share, Renegade. I found a dollar store in the mall here in Virginia Beach which is STOCKED with Artmatics! If anyone's interested in any, LET ME KNOW! The mall's right down the street and for beauties like these for a buck?! 

Renegade may be a fave of my Artmatic collection. The formula is thin on this navy shimmer stunner, but it really gives it depth! Build-able shimmers like this really pay off in my book! It has a sparkling SSN feel to it for sure! I miss wearing this polish again just looking at my swatches. LOVE. Three coats.

What do ya think?


  1. Are you serious?! I was just looking for Artmatic polishes the other day! I have an old one, actually the very first polish I bought-- Artmatic Peacock. My bottle is rough shape, I don't think Seche Restore will even do anything. If they have Peacock, I'd love a bottle! I'm in Canada, so we can swap if you'd like, or I can PayPal you... let me know!:)

    1. Er, Artmatic Peacock Blue... lol, I'm too excited to type right, jeeeez.

    2. I'll take a look and see if they have Peacock next time I head up to the mall! :)

  2. i've actually been looking for a few of these myself. i don't remember all the ones there were, but i know i've been wanting this one, peacock, and there was a grape colored one... the name escapes me at the moment... anyway, lucky find girl!

  3. Hey, I hate to bug ya, I was just wondering if you found that Artmatic Peacock Blue polish?:) *fingers crossed* Thank you again:)