Wednesday, November 21, 2012

BYS - Black & Gold and I'm taking a small vacation

Hi there!

Jeff and I are leaving to drive home to Ohio for Thanksgiving tonight, and I've been to busy to write blogs posts for while I'm away. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday! I'll see you all Monday!

Time for another new BYS to share - Black & Gold. This is another gem that the ever-so-amazing Lani sent my way - thanks for knocking one off my BYS wish list, girl! <3 I love the amazing girls I've met through polish, some of the sweetest out there! 

Black & Gold. Where. To. Start. I'm too busy drooling over this polish to put it into thoughts LOL! :D I mentioned in my last BYS post how fantastic their glitters are - this is another shining example! Black & Gold is a black-based polish with irregular gold glitter. What makes this polish so amazing is a combination of a few things - first off the base. I love this black base because it's sheer enough to let the gold glitter shine on through, but dark enough to be opaque in only two coats, shown here. Secondly - the warm tone to the gold glitter - so unique! Formula was spot-on. I seriously cannot express my love enough for this polish.

What do ya think, ladies?!