Friday, November 16, 2012

Afterthoughts Attitudes - Sun Kiss

Hey there!

For those of you ladies my age who grew up in the 90's, before there was Claire's at the mall, there was Afterthoughts! They had scrunchies, bubblegum flavored lip gloss, and of course nail polish! It has been my goal to collect as many as I can (only three so far..... :p ) for the pure reason of nostalgia! Today I have a glitter to share, Sun Kiss. They had a few different polish lines that I remember, and this one is from their Attitudes line.

Why on earth you would name a silver glitter polish Sun Kiss - I just do not  know. But WHO CARES with a bright, sparkling silver like this?! It reminds me of Christmas and icicles! I had to add some thinner to this vintage gem to make it smooth. I have one more glitter from this line, and I NEED MOAR! This is two coats over Artmatic Renegade.   

Anyone else remember these?


  1. Ooh! I remember Afterthoughts! I think I still have a necklace from there floating around my house somewhere. Sadly, I never picked up any of their polishes:( This one looks awesome!

  2. Oh gosh, you just brought me RIGHT BACK to Afterthoughts. I miss that store... it was seriously like heaven when I was that age!

  3. I still have a bottle of that!! :)