Monday, November 5, 2012

Pretty Serious - Nightmaren

What's up?!

Okay, okay I know I'm totally skipping back a collection, but I found these on my computer and had totally forgotten to post them! 

Nightmaren is from Pretty Serious's In The Night collection. Holy cow did Kaz hit a bullseye with is red! She and I both share the love of red polish, so it really came as no surprise to me that she would blow this out of the water! I wore this polish for almost a WEEK. Yep, a WEEK. I had a few minor chips, but instead of changing my polish I fixed em up. Like I said, a WEEK. :p

Nightmaren is a red polish with amazing golden shimmer that makes this both festive (Christmas red, really!) and sexy. Formula was buttery smooth, as we all know to come to expect from Pretty Serious. This is two coats. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

*PS - You'll have to excuse the blurriness, I realized all too late that my lens was smudged. Humph. 

Have a great day, ladies!