Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cutex from Kaz!

Well hello there!

Today I have four Cutex polishes sent to me from Australia from my ever-so-awesome pal, Kaz. I first began drooling over Camouflage when I saw her post HERE, and she offered to gift them to me. THANKS AGAIN, GIRL! :) Let's get to the best first, the drool-worthy Camouflage. Holy crapola. Serious. This golden green is so glowing and amazing I wish I had a whole vat of it to swim in. Seriously, a TUB. I'm in all sorts of love. Two coats.

Next up I have Slime. Very confused by this name for a pale yellow polish. Perhaps the pigment changed over time and it used to be a polish green not yellow? Hmmmmm..... this polish was patchy and wouldn't even out no matter how many coats I applied. I *think* this is three.

Next up I have Mauve Lightening. Mauve. Isn't that more of a purple shade and less of a frosty light pink? Just curious. Two coats. I think Kaz pretty much explained this one best on her post. :p

Last but not least I have Brown Berry, which to me is a mauve color! I actually REALLY love this color with my skin tone! Formula was pretty great on this one too, this is two coats. I'm thinking pedi color!

Gave a fun weekend!