Friday, November 2, 2012

Pretty Serious - Liquid Leprechaun *Pic heavy!*

Happy Friday!

Today I have THE BEST GREEN GLITTER POLISH you will ever lay your pretty little eyes on! Kaz shares my passion for all things green polish, so when I saw the promo shots for Pretty Serious's Monster Mash collection and first laid eyes on Liquid Leprechaun I KNEW it had to be mine!  O.M.G. I am seriously dying over how much I am in love. *Drools everywhere*

Liquid Leprechaun is so complex and amazing I just don't know where to start! Many, many, many sizes of glitter, different tones of green, gold, and slight holo shimmer in a murky green base make this polish what it really is - a masterpiece! If you don't have this polish in your stash, you're making a BIG mistake! This is three coats with one coat of Gelous and two coats of Seche Vite. This glitter is a thirsty one!

SPEECHLESS, right!?!?!


  1. BEST GREEN GLITTER EVER!!!!!! It looks amazing on your Dana!

  2. Love this one, fantastic pictures

  3. Best Dana colour ever!!! Kaz has done it again!! <3

  4. omggggg so pretty!!! ahhh, love greens and glitters and EVEN MORE WHEN THEY'RE TOGETHER <3