Monday, November 12, 2012

Chi Chi - Fire Work

What's up!

I thought I'd make this Monday a little brighter with a great orange jelly! I freaking love Chi Chi polishes. Thank goodness for amazing international friends who help me get my mitts on em! This time I have the amazing Lani to thank for this one! YOU'RE THE BEST, GIRL! <3

Fire Work is an awesome bright orange jelly polish that is just perfect. A breeze to apply, and a fun color to wear! Two coats. Oh Chi, Chi, You so awesome. 

I hope this sunny polish brightens your day! 


  1. What a gorgeous orange! It has brightened up my gloomy grey morning here in BC!

  2. Definitely brightened my day! I'm so into cremes lately so this was a perfect Monday pick-me-up :)

  3. Yay, I'm glad you like it! I'm keeping an eye out for more Chi Chis for you :)

  4. This is a pretty orange. I wish I could get my hands on Chi Chi polishes.