Monday, November 19, 2012

BYS - Down The Rabbit Hole from The Wonderland Collection

Hello again!

I am totally in love with BYS. Seriously and completely. Their glitters are to DIE FOR. Their brush is easy as can be to work with, their formulas are perfect. Their polishes can be on the stinky side, but I'll take it and zip my mouth shut for glitters like this beaut! From the moment I laid eyes on BYS's Wonderland collection, I knew they all had to be mine. I finally have all 3 and for this polish I give a big thank you to Lauren! <3 You're the best, girl! You can check out my swatches of Through The Looking Glass HERE

Down The Rabbit Hole is soooo awesome! Smoky black jelly loaded with holo glitter?! YES, PLEASE! I love the depth you get with this polish, it looks like a little galaxy on my nails! Some of my pics are slightly blurry, I'm going to act sly and say it's to show off the holo goodness. :P This is three coats. LOVE! One of my all-time favorite scattered holos.

BYS, do the damn thing.
Last but not least I have Adventures Of Alice to share ;)


  1. This is actually really nice. Must be similar if not a dupe of Zoya Storm which I wore late last week! Maybe Storm doesn't have the silver glitter bits though... Very pretty if you can call black pretty - well I think I just did so there! :) <3

  2. This is gorgeous! It looks like the sky at night. I love it!