Friday, September 16, 2011

Barielle - Falling Star

Good Morning!

I hope you all are having a good week, mine has been full of working and packing. Blah. But Virginia Beach, here I come! Today I have for you one of the most unique polish colors that I have in my stash, Barrielle's Falling Star.

I don't remember ever being this torn when it comes to a polish. Why you may ask? I love the color, I've never seen anything like it! It's an almost periwinkle creme blue with bronze glitter. I would never have thought up that combo in a million years! I. Hate. The. Formula. AL OT! The first time I tried this polish it was so think and goopy that I was appalled. I added thinner to it this time around and I just still don't like it. Now it's just streaky. Grrrrrrr!! I used two coats. I'm just on the fence with this one ladies. :/

This is my first Barielle polish, I have a few more I haven't tried yet. I just really hope I don't run into this formula issue with each one. But like I said, love love love the color! Barrielle polishes retail for $8/bottle at and I've also spotted them at Ulta.

Essie all in one base coat/ Seche Vite topcoat


  1. I really like this color combo alot!

  2. It's thick but I love Barielle's brushes - I'd rather have thick than too thin + this color like you said is just too cool. I'd say it's a medium blue cream with intense copper-red fine glitter - not like any other 'copper' glitter you see out there! I'm off the fence :o)