Saturday, September 10, 2011

Orly Precious Collection

Good Morning!

Today I have for you the Orly Spring 2011 Collection, or at least the four shades of the six that I really wanted! :) Although they came out a while ago, I just recently came across them on clearance. I rarely ever purchase a collection in it's entirety, I normally pick the colors that speak to me the most. For the Precious Collection, I skipped out on Pure Porcelain and Fancy Fuchsia. Here are the rest, Enjoy!

*I apologize for having only one swatch for two of these polishes, my camera was giving me a vary hard time and these are the only pictures that I ended up liking.

Sapphire Silk

Sapphire Silk is a dark turquoise/teal creme. I have to tell you, I heard a lot of hype surrounding this color and it ended up being pretty but application was a pain.  It was three coats, the first was EXTREMELY streaky and thin, not normally what I get from Orly cremes. Overall, I liked the color, I'll just need patience for application the next time I wear it.

Gilded Coral

Gilded Coral is a golden/coral shimmer that really glows! I think GC is a great summer color, great with a tan! I, however, do not have one at the moment so it will definitely work better when I'm darker. :) This is two coats, however, this polish dried to an almost gritty/dull finish, I needed a heavy coat of top coat. Very Strange? Hmmmm....

Ancient Jade

Ancient Jade is a light turquoise/green creme. I really loved this color, it was my second favorite of the bunch. It's a terrific spring color for sure! The application was MUCH better than Sapphire Silk, only two coats were needed. No streakiness here!

Royal Velvet

I saved the best for last! I present to you, Royal Velvet! This polish has become one of my all-time favorites! RV is a purple jelly polish PACKED AND GLOWING to the brim with royal blue and purple shimmer. Man is this polish alot to look at, it's distracting! :P I mean LOOK AT IT!!! Application was a little thin, so I used three coats. I love, love, love this polish!

The Orly Precious Collection can be found on Amazon/EBay or on dusty hunting trips like how I found mine. If you come across Royal Velvet, you need it in your stash!

Essie all in one basecoat/ Sally Hansen Insta-Dri topcoat


  1. I skipped this collection when it came but I keep thinking about getting parts of it once in a while. Royal Velvet and Ancient Jade look great!

  2. Royal Velvet is a MUST in any stash! It really really glows! Ancient Jade is a keeper too!