Monday, September 19, 2011

Pixel - Deep, Dark, & Handsome

Well Hey There!

On one of my recent (and frequent) trips to Ulta, I picked up quite a few Pixel polishes, they're mini polishes that come in an array of great color choices. My fave of the bunch is the beauty I have to share today - Deep, Dark, & Handsome!

Man am I excited about this polish! I go ga-ga for a great purple polish! D,D,&H is vibrant, bright purple jelly SWIMMING with micro-fine pink and blue glitter. It really glows! The tiny brush in the Pixel bottle is very tiny and somewhat stiff, so application was a little tricky. This was three coats, I could have done four. Drooling over this color! Yummy!

Here is a great shot to show you the blue & pink shimmer. :P

Pixel mini polishes retail at Ulta for $2.49/bottle

Essie all in One base coat/Seche Vite topcoat


  1. Wow! I love that! I have got to pick up some of the Pixel Polishes! Oh Ulta, just take all my money now!

  2. I really liked this polish, but I know you don't like minis so this brush may drive you nuts! I have like 5-6 more Pixels that have yet yo be tried :P Can't wait to post them all!

  3. Love that Pixel polish! Adding it to my wishlist now :)