Saturday, September 17, 2011

Essence polishes

Happy Saturday, ladies!

I'm on vacation for a week and a half! If by vacation, you ask, do I mean packing, packing, and more packing followed by moving? Then YES! :P Ever since they built an Ulta next door to my (old) work, I caught myself going over there every lunch break! Bad for my wallet, but good since I seemed to see all the new displays as they came out! I saw them put up the Essence @Holographic display on my lunch break, and was really wowed! I got a GREAT holo eyeshadow along with two of the three polishes. (I skipped the white holo, didn't do much for me.)

First we have Blue Ray!

As much I really love these polishes, I'm left a little confused by Essence. These are duochromes to me, not holos. Hmmmm.... Either way, I LOVE Blue Ray! It's a great turquoise & blue duochrome beauty that applied great after two thin coats. This color really is fascinating!

Now it's time for Gagalectric!

Gagalectric is a very pretty light lavender & baby blue duochrome. It was very, very sheer though! Shown is three coats, and you can still see how sheer the coverage is! This polish will be much better suited for layering for sure.

Overall I fell in love with Blue Ray and can't wait to start layering Gagalectric. FYI - they have matching eye shadows for every polish. I got the eyeshadow version of Gagalectric and LOVE IT!

Purchased at Ulta for $2.99/bottle

Essie all in one base coat, no top coats


  1. Gorgeous colors! ♥

  2. Awesome! I would get into so much trouble going to Ulta every day haha! Love this post! Too cute!

  3. Although they're not was they were said to be, they are such pretty polishes and I love the eyeshadow too!!

  4. I have this color - It looks cool layered over white :o) - even with a matte on top of that is pretty neat.