Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vintage Loreal Grow Strong! polishes

Good morning, dolls!

Lately I have been positively OBSESSED with finding vintage/old/discontinued polishes. REALLY OBSESSED. I found these oldies at the Dollar Tree! They only had the two and I had never seen this bottle before. I was thinking maybe from the 90's? Hmmm not sure! And I thought after eleven years working for drug stores I've seen them all. :P So that shows you how old! 

First we have Fraise!

This being a much older polish, the formula was pretty good on this bright pink creme polish. Two coats were used. But MAN I've NEVER smelled anything like these two polishes. It. Was. AWFUL. I actually got nauseous, the fumes were unreal. Thank god polishes these days are 3 free!

Next we have Alabaster!

This pearly frost was pretty in the bottle but a pain to apply! Alabaster was watery as can be and even after three coats it was still sheer as can be and showed every brush stroke. It never really dried. I'm going to blame it on the bottle age. And yes, the smell for this polish was as bad as Fraise. I'm afraid the smell may haunt me for the rest of my life. *Shivers*

I found these oldies at the Dollar Tree, which at times can be a GOLD MINE for discontinued polishes!
Essie all in one base coat


  1. I like Fraise a lot, I was thinking of trying to find the oldies too... and you are right the dollar stores are usually great for this!

  2. I post about this same polish its a pink color and how the smell is really bad but I sure love the first one!

  3. Both of these are great!

  4. I love find & sharing old polishes!

  5. This is my favorite polish EVER despite the smell. The "Grow stronger" base is the only thing that consistently helps me grow long nails. I'll have to check out the Dollar Tree!