Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wet N Wild On The Prowl - Jungle Fever

Good Morning! It's moving weekend! Goodbye Cleveland, hello Virginia Beach! I'm a tangled mess of excited, sad, anxious, & hopeful.... we shall see! Scary leaving your home state for the first time!

Today I have for you my first of the insanely lemmed and impossible to find On the Prowl from Wet N Wild FastDry polishes! After months of checking every CVS & drugstore I drove by and almost giving up, my lovely friend Evelyn finally found me a few! I feel like a kid on Christmas Morning! I give to you, Jungle Fever!

*Please note that my camera HATED capturing this beauty correctly. It photographed a bright green when in person it has a more army green color. :/

I was pleasantly surprised with Jungle Fever! It's much more stunning in person, and I was happy to find it was a foil-like polish that applied smooth as butter and required only two coats! This polish makes me very excited for the rest of the On the Prowl Collection! Wet N Wild has been stepping up their game lately. (Here's lookin at you, Mermaid's Cove!)

I can't WAIT to get my claws on the rest of the On the Prowl Collection and can't wait to see what Wet N Wild has in store for the future!

These polishes have been beyond difficult to find. If you do, you're LUCKY! They retail for $1.99/bottle at mass drugstore/retailers

Essie all in one base coat/ Sally Hansen Insta-Dri topcoat


  1. Such a beautiful emerald green! Reminds me of the wizard of oz!

  2. That looks fantastic on you! So happy that we have people all over the place searching for our lemmings for us =)

    I can't believe your moving day is almost here already! I know that it will be difficult at first, but life is an adventure and moving to VA Beach is meant to be part of your journey! Good luck, and I can't wait to hear all about your new home! xoxo

  3. I still can't find this collection!