Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Confetti - Masquerade Ball

Well hey there!

Today I have an amazing  polish to share with you. I've given Confetti many chances and every time I've either been "Eh" about it, or unhappy with the brush/formula. Today I was blown away. This polish in amazing in every way. I officially have faith again in Confetti and hope that they continue to impress. (I've found that as a brand, I'm not crazy about their cremes, but I love their shimmers.) Here is Masquerade Ball! :)

I mean just LOOK at it? Don't you want to just jump up right this second and run to CVS to by it? You should! MB is a great black creme polish absolutely LOADED to the brim with red shimmer. I was actually sad when I had to take it off during swatching. It's a vampy/festive/romantic polish that I can't wait to wear as a full mani. This is two coats, the first was a little streaky, but the second evened it out perfectly.

Okay, I'm done going on and on about how you need this polish in your life. Now go get it! You won't be disappointed! :D

Confetti polishes are sold exclusively at CVS for $1.99/bottle

Essie all in one basecoat/Seche Vite topcoat


  1. I have seen this polish in CVS! I am going to get this, Great post and LOVE the nail shape!

  2. I have seen this and never picked it up, need to remedy that - your photos are BEAUTIFUL. I love deep, glowy polishes like this.

  3. You always have such beautiful colored polishes! Great taste! ♥

  4. I recommend this polish for the price and amazing outcome to anyone!