Monday, September 12, 2011

A-England - Lady of the Lake

 Hello my lovlies!

This, ladies, is the polish that started it all. Nail blogging that is! :D I have been a fan of polish since I was a little girl, but until recently I never knew nail blogs existed. Before I started my own blog and only followed others, I saw this baby pop up on blogs EVERYWHERE! I knew I had to have it. Once I got my claws on it, I knew it was too amazing to keep to myself and I wanted to share my passion. And here I am! :P

I don't even know where to start with this beauty! Color? Lady of the Lake is a great amethyst shade of purple PACKED with fine holographic glitter. It's too beautiful for words. Application? Sorry RBL, but A-England has you beat by just a hair with flawless application. It literally almost paints itself on. Smooth like butter and unlike any other formula I've tried yet. This baby could have easily been a one-coat wonder (the last time I wore it I only used one) but this time I went with two coats for my outdoor shots. As you can tell, I'm just in awe of this polish. :)

LOTL came out in A-England's The Mythicals Collection, there were 15 polishes total. My wishlist pretty much contains them all! The Mythicals can be purchased at

Essie all in One base coat, no topcoat


  1. I love this polish and it looks great on you xx

  2. I am in awe of Adina's formula! Can't wait to try others!

  3. Loving this polish! Going on my wish list!

  4. Love it! You already know my love for AE polishes is strong. LotL was the first that I tried and my collection is growing steadily. ^_^

  5. I'm drooling on my computer looking at these pictures!