Thursday, January 3, 2013

HTF: Revlon Rock Royalty

Happy Thursday! 

Sorry this post is going out so late, it's my day off. My job's been so hectic lately, I really need this day to relax. So, naturally the universe would give me a horrible headache so that I'm in bed until after noon. I have big plans now though, Season 4 of True Blood on DVD and the new Ulta3 glitters to swatch that the lovely Lauren sent me! I also think I'm going to start doing posts of my stash to show you lovely ladies what I have in my Helmers!

Today I have a crazy HTF polish to share, Revlon's Rock Royalty. I won a pretty intense bidding war on eBay, but ever since I saw swatches when I was a nail newbie I fell in love and was on the search! UGH, I cannot find any info on this polish now! I've been searching the web and can only find Revlon's polish Rock. HELP! I swear I used to know the year and collection, but now it eludes me! The only post I can really find is Kaz's Bottle Spam in THIS POST. Rock Royalty is just so rich and decedent. The deep base, red shimmer, gold shimmer, everything. It's everything I knew it would be and more! I wore this polish for four days, and it didn't chip with minimal tip wear. This is two coats.

Have a great day!

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  1. Hi Dana, I have this too, just put on my toes. It is from the Rocker collection 2005 I believe! A rare beauty indeed.