Sunday, January 13, 2013

Retro Sunday Squared With The Scholarly Nail - Maybelline Baha Blue

Hello there, lovies!

Jacqui and I are back! I really miss doing these posts with her so I really hope we can keep it up! Life really gets in the way of blogging sometimes! We both LOVE vintage gold cap Maybelline polishes, so we really wanted to share special gems from our Helmer drawers. I'm already drooling over the Electric Apple she posted, it's been on my wish list FOREVER and she's so lucky to have it in her stash! 

Today I have Baha Blue to share. IT'S FREAKING AWESOME! I bought this on a blog sale over the summer, why the HECK did it take me so long to finally swatch this?! Rich, velvety CRAZY BRIGHT turquoise metallic polish that just pops! Looking back it really makes me miss having this polish on my tips. That shimmer that pops through is so vibrant! The brush was wonky as can be on this brush, I had to re-swatch like two nails. This is two coats.  

Don't forget to check out Jacqui's post! 

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